In Home Aged Care

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Aged Care Services In Your Own Home or Retirement Village

Staying in your own home is very important for many seniors, however sometimes we just need a helping hand or a little bit more support than our families can give us. That’s where National Health Australia can help. Our mission is to provide the highest level of care in aged care. Everyday we help Australian seniors with a range of in home services for the elderly, disability support services and medical alarms.

Types of aged care services available

Proudly providing aged care solutions for seniors across Australia, we are able to provide Daily Living tasks, Residential Respite, Transition Care, Short-Term Restorative Care, NDIS or other forms of aged care. We don’t lock our clients into contracts or minimum service periods. Our services are flexible and designed around the client. Some of our seniors need help with daily or weekly meal preparation, basic cleaning or ironing, bill paying, contacting family members, going to lunch or recreational activities and transport to appointments. Others require daily showering or personal grooming, wound dressing, medication administration or re-rehabilitation check ups.

Many of our seniors we provide care for are mobile, active and energetic. Receiving in home care could be a god send or a compromise with family to leave them in their homes! What we do is make a plan that works for the senior, if it’s not for nursing or medical reason but more practical daily or weekly tasks then we figure out your routine or what areas we can help. Sometimes our seniors don’t have family near or don’t want to bother them. Doing shopping, cleaning out the fridge or dusting the house can be a chore we can do. Checking in for a quick game of cards and preparing your days food. Taking you to medical appointments and setting reminders for important dates. Showering or personal hygiene upkeep, our nurses, carers and support workers can help do anything you need.
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Private aged care solutions

As one of the largest health support organisations in Australia, we are able to offer immediate private aged care solutions. This means you can choose the hours, the carer and the services instead of squeezing into a one size fits all box with no options. If you or your loved one require immediate support following hospital discharge, medical diagnosis, family support changes or just because you are slowing down and need a little more help in your home. We are able to step in and work with you to ensure the highest quality of life, recovery or simply ‘getting on with it’.

Your Support Coordinator and Registered Nurse will sit down with yourself and any family members or medical professionals to tailor a plan around your specific needs. Plans involve daily tasks or work load easing, medical needs, goals for the short term and long term as well as recreational.


Old fashioned nurse
We might be old fashioned.. but providing care to our seniors is the most rewarding job!

Qualified, Experienced and Police Checked

All our aged care workers, independent carers and support staff are experienced and police checked. Our teams have a mix of qualifications from Registered Nurses to Working with Aged Care certificates. They are professional, trained and passionate about the services they deliver. It takes a genuine and special person to work with our elderly and we ensure our carers are the best of the best. Many organisations over look the importance of having passionate and experienced staff, instead teaming up incompatible and incompetent carers with lovely senior citizens. Our independent carers and in home aged care workers have often known this was the career choice for them their whole lives. Providing services to our seniors citizens and treating them as if they were their own parents or grandparents. All of our support staff undergo mandatory police checks, there is no room for excuses or exception when it comes to this policy. Our elderly loved ones deserve the respect, care and support of our society and we deliver it with honour.

We start as your carer and can become your companion

It is so important to us that your carer/s is matched to your personality, we are not just here to work for you but be a companion in this stage of your life. Doing cross words, going to bingo or lunch, playing cards or just having a good yarn while we do your ironing! Quickly we become part of your life and family. In an age where everyone works and families are spread out, things have changed and moving with that change is National Health Australia. There is a gap in our village, where we used to raise children together and support our seniors.. life has become so busy that now we must look for ways of creating our own support. Together we can fill that void and provide support on a daily, weekly or temporary basis as needed. Speak to our friendly team today to find out exactly how we can help you.

Our senior citizens are the most important part of our society, having built everything around us or at least been there when it was new! We want to hear your stories, learn about the world as you know it and be there as you progress through the world we know.
Nurse creating a plan on paper

Start with a plan

Let’s start with formulating a tailored in home support plan, if you need immediate support or you are just working out your options. We can assist to put together your options. We can also work closely with your family, OT, Physio, Doctor or other medical professional. Having a plan on paper is the first step and its easier than you think. Our friendly teams will sit down with you and do all the work, we do it everyday and make it simple for seniors just like you. In this day and age, in home aged care services are popular and help you stay independent at home or in your retirement village for longer with out needing to move into a nursing home. Speak to our friendly team today to arrange a no obligation meeting and formulate a plan on how we can support you to live a life of the highest quality. Please call 1800 336 333 and ask to speak to someone about in home or in retirement aged care.