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Roach CoaguChek XS full kit with test strips

Looking for genuine CoaguChek machines? Our INR machines are brand name Roche machines for personal or surgical use.

CoaguChek machines are available for personal home use as well as professional and surgical use. They allow the user to accurately measure the blood thickness quickly and easily. This allows the user with the help of a medical professional adjust their blood thinning medication and monitor it. Coagulation monitoring equipment such as the CoaguChek has revolutionised the industry. Allowing users to safely and quickly monitor their blood thickness.

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No longer do you need bulky/ heavy equipment to measure the thickness of ones blood. The CoaguChek XS is a small lightweight model which accurately measures the blood in seconds. This could be perfect for a user who is on blood thinning medication, allowing them to monitor their level at home and avoid multiple doctors appointments. They are also perfect for use with in the Doctors surgeries or during home visits Nurses and Doctors.

Benefits of a CoaguChek XS and CoaguChek XS Plus machine

  1. Easily test blood thickness anywhere
  2. Simple to use machine
  3. No need for needles, simple finger prick test strip
  4. Frequent testing will avoid complications from too much or too little Warfarin
  5. Lightweight, pocket or bag size

How to use a CoaguChek machine work?

First thing to do is check with your Doctor the range your blood needs to be in. Then take a test strip out before pricking your finger. Place the end of the test strip onto the blood dot produced your finger prick before inserting the strip into the CoaguChek machine. The machine will take less than a minute to provide you an accurate test result. This eliminates the need to worry about taking too much or too little warfarin. Having your blood too thin increases your chances or falling, excessive bleeding or bruising and also heart attack. Having your blood too thick can cause organs to fail, your blood to clot and also seizures. Now with modern technology you no longer need frequent Doctors appointments as you can test from home. If you are a medical professional you can now safely and quickly test your clients blood thickness wherever you are.

Doctor on assessment for CoaguChek

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Why choose us as your provider of CoaguChek machines?

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National Health Australia is one of the largest suppliers in Australia for medical equipment. Selling several thousand devices/ machines per year to the private, commercial and medical sectors. Putting your trust and money in a company you’re not familiar with can arguably make you anxious. We want to make sure you’re comfortable with your decision to work with us. In that spirit, take a look at all the reasons why we’re perfect for the job.


The matter of the fact is that you can’t work in health care if you’re not professional. Due to our teams extensive years of working in health care, we know exactly how to approach every patient. We understand the issues and needs of our patients in-depth, which allows us to adequately assess them.

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Our success simply wouldn’t be possible without the years of experience under our belt. Thanks to that extensive experience, we’re able to provide you with the best possible CoaguChek machines, nursing services and personal medical alarms on the market. We sell hundreds of devices and machines every week. So no matter how individual you are, your condition and the reason you may need personal medical alarms isn’t unfamiliar to us.

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National Health Australia believes in honesty and transparency above anything else. When you first talk to us, we’ll figure out exactly what product you need. There won’t be any hassles and visits longer than they need to be.

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