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National Health Australia was called on June 30th, 2018. Emily is a concerned daughter, her mother recently become lost and disorientated at the shopping center and was in need of a Personal Alarm of which had a GPS function. Below you will find information on the phone call to National Health Australia and resolution.

Emily called our office concerned about her mothers recent outing of which caused stress for the family. Her mother, Sandra had recently gone to do some grocery shopping at Westfield Warringah Mall (Sandra did not have a 3G Personal/ Medical Alarm at this stage). It was school holidays and the chaos of children and shoppers had made Sandra disorientated. Usually Sandra is on the ball and knows where to go and which bus to get home however on this blue moon occasion she became lost and decided to sit down on a bench.

Later that day, Emily was supposed to call Sandra to arrange taking her to a Doctors appointment in Sydney the following week. When Emily called she was surprised Sandra’s home phone rang out twice. This was unusual for Sandra however Emily assumed she was in the garden or powder room. Emily called again an hour later and when her mother didn’t answer she became worried.


Emily knew that Sandra had a home based medical alarm system however she did not have a mobile phone so if Sandra found herself needing medical assistance while not in the home she would not have a method of contacting anyone. After another hour, the New South Wales Police called Emily to inform her that they had taken Sandra home after shopping centre security had noticed her on the bench for some time.

Emily called her brother and they both started to Google mobile medical alarms, 3g medical alarms Sydney, personal alarms and similar search phrases. Emily eventually spoke to a number of personal medical alarm suppliers in Australia and decided to go with National Health Australia for the purchase of her medical alarm – thank you Emily.

Purchase of the ‘My Friend’ 3G Personal Medical Alarm Pendant

After speaking with our National Health Australia sales representative Anna, Emily decided the functions of the ‘My Friend’ 3G Personal Medical Alarm were exactly what she wanted. A simple to use alarm with 2 buttons. The SOS button on the front can be pressed in an emergency and will send a text message to up to 5 emergency contacts, informing them of the users need for help and exact GPS (map) location (World Wide). It will then start calling them in sequence until one of the contacts answers. At this point the user can have two way communication like a mobile phone with the contact. The built in fall detector was also a great feature, false alarm proof. It sends a text message to the contacts and then starts calling them when a real fall is detected. The 2nd button can be pressed to call one contact, this would have been great on the incident mentioned above.

Emily has now received the 3G Personal Medical Alarm for her mother Sandra and finally has the peace of mind protection knowing she can contact her mum and find her in the event of an emergency, whether she is in Manly, Sydney or anywhere in our beautiful country, Australia.

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For privacy reasons the names in this example have been changed..