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4G NHA Life Alarm – GPS & Fall Detector – 4 Colours

$595.00 $525.00

As featured on Channel TEN Healthy Homes TV Series

A 4GX pendant that works anywhere including on 3G and 4G signal. Need Advice? FREE CALL 1800 336 333

Now with Non-Movement Alarm! (If required)

PROMOTION – 12 Months Unlimited Emergency Use FREE with NHA on Telstra SIM (Optional $75 per year there after).

✓ 2024 Model – In stock and available now!

Now includes complimentary wristband, clothes/ belt clip and two lanyards!


ADD Accessories

ADD Keysafe ($50 Inc GST)


Devices come with below SIM options, please choose carefully. We recommend NHA on Telstra to ensure service when its needed. Information can be found below under SIM COSTS/ OPTIONS.


Please choose the colour of pendant you want


Add-ons total:



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The 'NHA Life Alarm'
✔ 000 Emergency Connection
✔ Simple SOS Button
✔ Automatic Fall Detector
✔ GPS sent on emergency
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Introducing Australia’s first premium 4G & 4GX Life Alarm/ medical pendant. The ‘NHA Life Alarm’ is an all bandwidth 4G mobile life/ medical alarm, fall detector, lone worker device and GPS tracker to allow users to live life to their fullest!

Medical Pendants, alarms for elderly and construction workers. Perfect for grandparents and children.

How the new 2024 4G model ‘NHA Life Alarm’ works?

The ‘NHA Life Alarm’ is a 4G, 4GX, & GPS mobile based life/ medical alarm, meaning it truly works anywhere on any network there is 4G, 3G & GPS service. Waterproof, durable and easy to use. It can be worn on the included lanyards, wristband or clothes clip.

At the press of the SOS button on the front, or when a fall is detected, the NHA Life Alarm is able to call up to 8 pre-programmed contacts and send a SMS text message to up to 4 pre-programmed contacts (We program for you). The SMS message that is sent also includes the time, date, users name and GPS map which can be used to locate the user precisely. It then calls these contacts in the order programmed until one answers, this device will continue to call every contact repeatedly until one answers. Once the contact answers, the user is able to have 2-way voice communication as the pendant has a microphone and loud speaker. New 2024 model includes engineered loud speaker acoustics which means the quality of sound is near perfect.

If a voicemail is reached, the device will hang up and continue calling the contacts. The device lets the contact know it is a call from the NHA Life Alarm however your contacts can also save the device phone number in their mobiles.

If a false alarm is activated, simply press the big SOS button while it is beeping and the screen will show SOS cancelled. 2024 model now voice prompts the user on how to cancel if its a false alarm.


MAIN FEATURES – As the national distributor for this model, our device has custom firmware which works differently from all alarms on the market, including rebranded models.

  • SOS BUTTON, 10 LOUD BEEPS, cancel within 10 seconds/ beeps if false alarm
  • FALL DETECTOR, 10 LOUD BEEPS, sensitivity can be adjusted, cancel within 10 seconds/ beeps if false alarm
  • GPS LOCATOR, locate the device during an emergency or times of concern
  • CALLS AND TEXTS, sends both SMS and phone calls in an emergency to up to 8 contacts
  • SPEED DIAL 8 NUMBERS, Option to speed dial up to 8 contacts outside an emergency
  • CONTACTS CAN RING IN, two options for inbound calls, auto answer 3 rings (default) and push button to answer
  • GEO FENCING OPTION, alerts contacts when device leaves defined area, perfect for dementia
  • LOW BATTERY SMS OPTION, alerts contacts when battery is low, can determine percentage eg. 20%, 10% etc


*NEW FEATURES – Some new features added exclusively to the NHA Life Alarm branded models, in 2024 are as followed.

  • 2024 – AUDIBLE VOICE PROMPTS, device talks in English or chosen language (explained below)
  • Non Movement Alarm (Sedentary Alarm). Alert contacts if user doesn’t move for set time frame.
  • MEDICATION REMINDER, a daily reminder for medication can be set
  • ALARM CLOCK, set a daily alarm clock if required
  • AUTO TIME ZONE, no need to adjust the time when travelling or day light savings
  • FAST CALLING, device calls without delay of the cancellation window
  • TURN OFF ALERT, device lets contact 1 know if device is turned off and how eg. battery or power button
  • NEW SMART DOCK, new dock allows for indefinite charging so the battery will not deteriorate like other models
  • SILENT CALLING OPTION, (default turned off), perfect for domestic violence or duress. Allows contacts to listen in during emergency without alerting perpetrator
  • NEW COLOUR, red button device, a striking device unlike any other


Voice prompts are clear, spoken messages when the device is used. Previous versions and other models only beep or flash lights. Whilst the screen on our NHA Life Alarm does inform the user of what the device is doing, the voice prompts greatly increase the user experience and make it easier than ever before. The vision impaired or in an emergency, voice prompts help to navigate using the device. Example. When the SOS button is pressed, the device clearly says “Your alarm has been activated, cancel pressing the SOS button”, it then beeps 10 times and you can cancel in this period without it notifying the contacts. When turning off, the device says “Your alarm is turning off”. When charging the device says, “Your alarm is charging”. There are over 12 voice prompts, each clearly letting the user know what the device is doing. I welcome improvement available now in our 2024 models!


Our products are recommended Doctors, Nurses, Occupational Therapists, Social Workers, Plan Managers, Aged Care Providers and all health industry workers!


Need Advice? For more information on our range of medical and life alarms, please FREE call 1800 336 333


simple to use sos
Slide 1
Colours and Accessories
Wear it your way!
Wristband, Belt Clip and Lanyard Option

Flagship Black -

Blue -

Green -

As the Sole National Distributor for this model we have the only black with WHITE button model available under any brand we distribute. All other brands selling our alarms are black with yellow buttons.

The colour of a relaxing swimming pool as our team say. This colour is a trendy yet subtle blue.

This one is the colour inside a ripe avocado, fresh and appealing.

Perfect for those wishing to wear their alarm on their wrist. This is a waterproof, black, light silicon wristband. It suits all NHA Life Alarm models and brands.

This clip is one of our FAVOURITE accessories. This is perfect for clipping on trousers, skirts, hand bags, tool belts or anything really! It makes wearing the alarm trendy and non invasive.

2 Lanyards are provided with every order (short & long). We provide black ones however can substitute for blue if preferred. This lanyard has a safety break away loop for alarm and clip for ID's or keys.

Wristband -

Clip -

Lanyards -

Flagship Black - Black with WHITE buttons
Blue - Swimming Pool Blue
Green - Ripe Avocado Green

Wristband - Water proof and silicon
Clip - Our favourite, discreet and comfortable
Lanyards - Comes with two black ones. (Short & Long)


We provide 3 options for the SIM card as outlined below.

Option 1. NHA on Telstra – This options provides unlimited emergency use and uses 100% of the Telstra network and is managed NHA. This means the user will always have credit on the strongest network in Australia. It does not require management the user to ensure they do not forget to top it up. The price of $525 includes 12 months emergency use, after 12 months the cost is $75 for another 12 months unlimited emergency use. This is set up on a direct debit to ensure the users coverage.

Option 2. BYO SIM – This option is $505, we provide a screw driver and you can insert your own SIM card. Telstra or Telstra based networks preferred, Vodafone not supported.

Slide 1
Safe world wide with GPS!
In an emergency the alarm will send the GPS location automatically to mobile contacts!

This drastically increases the speed that the user can be found and help received!

Contactable 24/7 – No need for a mobile phone! Simple to use, call any of the 8 contacts pressing the button on the side!

call function on nha life alarm


We listened! Our existing customers wanted a device that could easily call pre-programmed numbers. Now with the new 4G NHA Life Alarm, the user can press the button on the side to scroll through the contact list on the screen. Once on the correct contact you simply press the big button on the front to call that contact! Perfect for calling family, colleagues or friends! This life alarm is truly a perfected device to cater to all markets, elderly, disabled or lone workers.

The pendant can also be called calling its designated mobile number! We can program it to auto answer after four rings (default) or if requested we can program it to prompt you to press the side button to answer incoming calls!

Take your device on international holidays! These SOS alarm pendants will work when on roaming! If you are using the NHA on Telstra SIM please call us so we can activate roaming. If you use a Pre-Paid SIM, you may need to add extra credit prior to your holiday and ensure roaming is on when you do it, this is to ensure full protection when travelling. Devices work in all major countries such as the UK, US, India, Italy and many more.


What is 4G? What is 3G? What is 2G?4G Devices

4G, 3G & 2G are the network bands used on cell phone towers through mobile providers. 4G is the latest and all new mobile phones use 4G. 3G is still currently being used, however its life is now unfortunately limited. As 2G was turned off making 2G devices not work in Australia, 3G signal is currently getting weaker and has patches where it is not available. This is due to the networks replacing 3G receivers with 4G and even 5G. 4G is the dominant bandwidth and all emergency devices should be 4G to ensure they work when needed. 4G has several bandwidths within it and will be our main network for at least 15 years after 3G is dismantled. 5G towers need to be very close to each other, 4G is more consistent in coverage and easier to roll out. 3G will soon be redundant. The new 2022 model works on 4GX, 4G+, 4G and 3G fall back depending on what SIM card is inserted. For this reason we do recommend only buying the 4G NHA Life Alarm as this will out live any other product on the market. Our 4G device was the first true 4G medical/ life alarm on the market, which has now been upgraded to a 4GX model.

Our customers love our no lock in contract options!

monitoring options nha

Option 1 – This is our recommended and most common option – This option enables the device to contact up to 8 contacts of your choice, including 000 (Emergency Services). The device will SMS and call these contacts when the SOS front button is pressed or a fall is detected. NOTE – This device can recognise voicemails and will disconnect before continuing to call. Unlike other devices available this one will repeatedly call until help is eventually received.

Option 2 – We connect the device to our ASIAL approved medical monitoring service so that when the SOS button is pressed or a fall is detected they can arrange help immediately for you.


Australian Compliant – All Australian Safety Certifications (RCM/ C-Tick)RCM APPROVED

Australia has its own very unique and strict requirements for electronic, telephone and medical alarm systems. We worked very closely with a NSW based RCM laboratory through months of testing to provide a device which is completely RCM approved. We are proud to offer this product with the assurance from our laboratory and engineers that the device complies to the relevant standards and passed with flying colours! It is also approved for UK, USA and Europe.

Whats included in the 4G NHA Life Alarm purchase?

package and contents of nha life alarm
    • 1x 4G NHA Life Alarm (2024 Model)
    • 1x SIM Card (If Chosen)
    • 1x 12 Months NHA on Telstra Emergency Calls & Texts (Fair Use Policy Applies) & Texts (NHA on Telstra)*
    • 1x Short Lanyard
    • 1x Long Lanyard
    • 1x Wristband
    • 1x Clothes/ Belt clip
    • 1x Charging Pack
  • EXPRESS AUSTRALIA POST (With tracking number)
  • User Guide
  • Life time technical support
  • Peace of Mind!

For more information on our range of medical and life alarms, please FREE call 1800 336 333

*NHA on Telstra utilises the full Telstra Network. We provide the SIM and maintain the service. It includes unlimited emergency use to ensure you always have coverage when needed! Customers have the option to BYO SIM or use a Telstra prepaid which we can insert and you can manage.


Payment Options
Flexible payment options
Option 1. Outright - Simply purchase online or with credit card over the phone. (NDIS, Lone workers or bank cheque please contact our office).
Option 2. Payment Plan - Organised with our office, we require a deposit of $250 and the balance in monthly agreed instalments.
Our customers

NDIS approved assistive technology, visa payments for online medical alarm supplier


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