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Personal 3G Mobile Life Alarm with GPS and Fall Detector -Green

$495.00 $439.00

A mobile personal SOS alarm for the elderly, lone workers, people with disabilities and children. When the SOS button is pressed or fall detected, device will send GPS SMS before calling the contacts in sequential order. Once the contact answers, it allows two way communication through the loud speaker. The built in fall detector can be turned off if required (eg. Workers/ Children), it can also be adjusted in sensitivity. For more information please scroll down this page or free call 1800 336 333  


PROMOTION – 12 Months Unlimited Emergency Use FREE with NHA on Telstra SIM (Optional $50 per year there after) – Promo ENDS 30th June 2020

✓ In stock and available now!



Devices come with below SIM options, please choose carefully. We recommend NHA on Telstra to ensure service when its needed. Information can be found below under SIM COSTS/ OPTIONS.

ADD Accessories

All orders come with 2x Lanyards to add accessories please choose below.

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We are proudly an official NDIS provider in Assistive Technology and Communication Products. Offering high quality, reliable products to NDIS and Private markets Nationwide (Australia).


The award winning ‘Personal Mobile Life Alarm’ and built in GPS and Fall Detector is a wireless SOS device that works anywhere.


Small and light enough to fit in your pocket or around your neck on the lanyard – weighing the same as three 20c coins, you or your loved one can now go anywhere with the peace of mind of knowing you can easily be in contact with up to 5 people at the press of the SOS button with the Emergency Services 000 able to be one of the contacts. The alarm also has a built in Fall Detector that is false alarm proof and detects when the carrier has a fall. The Fall Detector will automatically send a text message to up to 5 nominated contacts with its exact GPS location, stamped with a time and date of the fall. It then in sequence starts calling the contacts until one answers at which point you can have two way phone communication without having to press a thing.

Contactable 24/7 – like a mobile phone without the difficulty!

The user can also call the first contact when they simply press the phone button on the side of the device for 2 seconds. A contact can also call the user of the ‘Personal Mobile Life Alarm’ which will act like a mobile phone and automatically connect to the user through its speaker phone, allowing two way communication like a phone. If any of the users contacts ever need to find the user, they can simply send an SMS text message to the ‘Personal Mobile Life Alarm’. Following this they will receive a reply text from the device with its exact GPS location on Maps (Inc Google).



Option 1. NHA on Telstra – This options provides unlimited emergency use and uses 100% of the Telstra network and is managed NHA. This means the user will always have credit on the strongest network in Australia. It does not require management the user to ensure they do not forget to top it up. The price of $495 includes 12 months emergency use, after 12 months the cost is $50 for another 12 months unlimited emergency use. This is set up on a direct debit to ensure the users coverage.

Option 2. BYO SIM – This option is $475, we provide a screw driver and you can insert your own SIM card. Device does not work on Optus 3G Network but does work on Vodafone, Telstra 3G and all Networks 4G.

Option 3. Telstra Prepaid – This option is $475, we insert a Telstra prepaid SIM into device and the customer is to activate, add credit and manage.

Finally a user friendly device to allow 24/7 safety and contact.

No Lock In Contracts!

The ‘Personal Mobile Life Alarm’ comes with a pre-registered no contract SIM card utilising the Telstra Network (98% Coverage). Users with moderate to heavy use may need to add credit. Our friendly team can either do this before shipment or when needed.

We have 2 simple HELP communication/ connection options.

Option 1 is our default option, with this option we pre-program up to 5 emergency contacts of your choice. That could be friends, a colleague or a neighbour.

Option 2 takes advantage of our state of the art ASIAL approved medical monitoring facility. With this option one of our medical response trained assistants will answer the call, communicate with you and follow any procedures on file. This means we can call your any number of contacts and also arrange an ambulance. If there are pre-existing medical conditions we are also able to notify the ambulance or medical professionals so that they are ready for your requirements when they arrive.

Easy Charging and Long Battery Life

Installed inside the water resistant ‘Personal Mobile Life Alarm is a commercial grade re-chargeable lithium battery. The stand battery time is up to 30 days with GPS turned off (home bound users) and up to 3 days with GPS turned on. Although with the easy to use charging dock we recommend users dock their device every day or two on their bed side table to ensure it always has a full charge.

Included in purchase

  • 1x ‘Personal Mobile Life Alarm’
  • 1x Medical Style Lanyard
  • 1x Unlimited Emergency Calls & Texts (NHA on Telstra)*
  • Free Pendant Programming of up to 5 Emergency Contacts
  • 1x Charging Dock and Cable
  • 1x Instruction Manual
  • FREE POSTAGE (Australia Only)

*NHA on Telstra utilises the full Telstra Network. We provide the SIM and maintain the service. It includes unlimited emergency use to ensure you always have coverage when needed! Customers have the option to BYO SIM or use a Telstra prepaid which we can insert and you can manage.


To purchase please click ‘add to cart’ and follow the check out procedures, alternatively you can contact our office on 1800 336 333 to pay over the phone, invoice or NDIS.


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