Wholesale Masks

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National Supply of Masks (Australia)

We have a designated wholesale mask procurement team which partners with our global supply network to fulfill all local (Australia) requirements.

A wholesale order is anything from a few thousand, to a few billion masks. We have a range of available masks (not listed on our retail site) for bulk orders, please enquire with the wholesale team. We are also able to source other brands or styles depending on your needs. Government and Medical end customers will be able to receive discounted rates upon proof and application.

Our warehouses in Australia hold around 3 million masks of various types (not all listed on retail site), so for most orders we are able to arrange delivery in a matter of days – making us a perfect supplier for you. Large orders outside of this reserve can be ordered and would be delivered air or sea.

Global Supply of Masks (International)

Through our network and global partners, National Health Australia is able to offer wholesale quantities of masks delivered anywhere in the world. Our range of masks is vast and our procurement capabilities to fulfill your needs are what helps us stand out as an international supplier. We work as a strategy partner, not just a wholesale supplier. Our team work tirelessly for you to ensure we can deliver your requirements.

Available Masks for Wholesale

3M Products (1820, 1860, 1870 etc)

We have immediate access to 3M products through the supply network. The MOQ for 3M direct products is 5 million masks. We also have access to OTG USA stock of 1 Billion to 5 Billion masks. These can be delivered anywhere in the world. Special prices are awarded to Government and Medical supply sales. Please note, due to the time involved in these arrangements, work will not proceed without an LOI and Proof of Funds.

N95 Niosh Approved (TGA Registered)

We can supply these in large volume, from thousands to millions – for your wholesale needs. Please enquire if you have specific brands you wish to use or we can recommend our main line. Regular monthly orders are acceptable and drop shipping can be arranged. Through our network we are able to guarantee regular orders.

Surgical Level IIR and Level 3

Bulk buy surgical masks

World wide – These masks are a high quality surgical mask, used Government around the world. We can arrange immediate dispatch air or sea to your chosen country.

Australia – Our surgical mask supply is around 2 million OTG (Robina). We are able to quickly dispatch this supply courier to anywhere in Australia. Pallet shipping is available, please enquire. Orders larger than this can be ordered, delivery time will depend on air or sea freight.

KN95 Masks

KN95 masks are the equivalent of an N95. They offer 95% filtration to particles. Our range of KN95 are from a large certified manufacturer so there is no concerns of quality seen throughout the market. We hold this in our Australia warehouse for immediate delivery.

FFP2 Masks

These masks are the European equivalent to the N95, however offering 94% filtration. Please enquire for stock availability.

Cotton/ Re-usable Masks

man wearing face mask

Our focus is medical grade masks, as reusable masks are often not held to any standard we don’t recommend them for medical supply. International delivery is available for these masks.

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