All about National Health Australia

National Health Australia (NHA) is a national provider medical alarms/ assistive technology, NDIS and private support services.

Our goal is simple, to provide assistive technology and quality medical equipment to every corner of this beautiful country, Australia! Currently we are providing a range of medical alert or personal alarms nationwide to seniors, lone workers and individuals with a disability. We also provide medical equipment and PPE to over 40 Government Departments, Councils and tens of thousands of private companies.

Proudly, National Health Australia offers Australia’s first premium 4G medical alarm pendant, as well as other assistive technology devices. The NHA Life Alarm is available to retail customers and we also re-brand the devices for wholesale customers. We have exclusive rights over the device in Australia and always welcome new wholesale customers.

Over the coming months we are excited to announce that we have a huge range of medical and health related services joining our inventory and Support network. This ensures we are able to look after Australians and provide quality, tested and proven equipment to assist and support their life-styles and medical conditions.

Our experience allows us to support all Australians.

NHA’s Co-Founder has been in the medical industry for 30 years. This experience has seen him work with tens of thousands of people, large businesses and embassies from around the world. We also have a very close relationship with a number of Doctors, Psychologists, Occupational Therapists and Social Workers. Speaking with them on a daily basis, we are able to ensure we have relevant and updated information on the health and medical industry. National Health Australia’s (NHA) network of businesses, charities, organisations and insurance funds allows us to receive support across the whole of Australia. All of this combined with our carefully picked team, each experienced and specialised in role relevant skills, allows us to ensure our support and care is what Australian’s deserve.

Not sales driven, we have no real competitors!

Too many organisations and businesses are out competing with each other and trying to make a quick buck! We have an Aussie attitude of no nonsense! To the team at National Health Australia (NHA), its better to match the appropriate product to the right person than push things you don’t need! It’s true, sales keep us running.. but our products are to assist and support and so are our salespersons. Consumers in the 21st century have an overwhelming variety to choose from. So instead of focusing on what our competitors are doing, we only focus on what we are doing. Supporting, assisting and providing the best service and quality products we can. That’s how this country was built and that’s why we are here.

Looking for assistive technology or medical equipment?

If you would like more information on us, our support services or products we would be more than happy to help. The 4G NHA Life Alarm is available to the retail and wholesale market. We re-brand these for other companies or can sell direct to the retail customer the original and genuine 4G NHA Life Alarm. Our personal mobile life alarms, GPS fall detectors, home based medic alert systems and mobility scooters are chosen, tried and tested products. Providing assistance and freedom to their users. Contact the team at NHA today and allow us to take the stress out of choosing the right equipment from the right suppliers. Our email is or speak with one of our friendly team on FREE CALL : 1800 336 333. We look forward to hearing from you.

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