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Personal Alarms For Lone Workers |4G Lone Worker Safety Alarms Australia

National Health Australia (NHA) proudly offers Australia’s first premium 4G Lone Worker Alarm, built tough and packed full of features designed specifically for Lone Workers.

Our 4G NHA Life Alarm is a durable and feature packed pendant for the workforce. Although very popular as a medical alarm, its full range of features can suit Lone Worker situations better than any other alarm currently on the market.

Wristband, Belt Clip and Lanyard Option

How can the NHA Life Alarm (Lone Worker Alarm) help our organisation or workers?

The 4G NHA Life Alarm is a simple to use, GPS tracked pendant style alarm with an SOS button and two buttons on the side.

If a trades person, courier, medical professional or cleaner (to name a few) is in need of assistance, they simply press the SOS button on the front to automatically send a text message to up to 8 emergency contacts! This message also includes their GPS location so the contacts can immediately start tracking and organising help. After sending the text messages, the device starts calling the contacts in sequential order and allows two way voice communication from the pendants loud speaker.

Your business office can also track the devices at any time via a mobile phone if they are concerned of the whereabouts of the worker. No longer are you left wondering if the worker is still on a site or stationary.

What features does the NHA Life Alarm have over other generic Lone Worker Alarms?

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Select any of the 8 contacts to call independently!

One of the key differences with the 4G NHA Life Alarm to other devices is much like a mobile phone, the worker can select from the menu (on the screen) any of the 8 contacts to call. This is handy when there are different departments or site supervisors needing to be contacted. Other Lone Worker alarms, such as our 3G Personal Mobile Life Alarm can only contact 1 pre determined user. Having the flexibility to allow the worker to choose which business contact is the appropriate one cuts down on phone calls and opens the realms of possibilities for the application of the device in your work environment.

A screen displaying signal strength!

National Health Australia’s NHA Life Alarm has an LCD screen, this screen default shows the signal strength at all times of the alarm. There is no other 4G Lone Worker Alarm offering this. This means before making a phone call or if when on a call the line seems to be dropping in and out, the worker can move a short distance and see when the signal strength picks up as opposed to blindly walking around testing it voice only. A game changing addition to Australian Lone Worker Alarms!

Current battery level displayed on the screen!

The same screen shows the current battery percentage to remove the guess work when charging, or determining if the battery needs charging! This makes it really simple to manage and know when its ready to go. Other devices have to be sent a text message from another mobile which can take a few minutes to reply.

4G not 3G!

The NHA Life Alarm is a true 4G device! There are other suppliers claiming their devices work on all networks, this may not be entireley true and these suppliers should be pressed on whether their device is truly a 4G based device. Suppliers selling 3G devices and saying they work on 4G are under the guise its ok to trick customers as where there are 4G towers there should be 3G. This does not make the device a true 4G device.

Tough, durable and waterproof

The NHA Life Alarm is one of the toughest designs we have had through our doors. It is durable and waterproof, making it ideal for almost every work place. We don’t recommend going deep sea diving with it, but it will hold it owns around being splashed with water, heavy rain and sweat.

SOS alarms for nurses and lone workers

For more information on our Lone Worker Alarms or Medical Life Alarms, please contact our office on 1800 336 333. We proudly supply Australia wide and can also discuss wholesale options for interested distributors.

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Personal Alarms For Lone Workers |4G Lone Worker Safety Alarms Australia

A 4G lone worker tracking device is a revolutionary product that helps a person keep their employment independence while staying safe. Lone workers are more vulnerable to injury and accidents, which can leave them worried or injured.

Instead of worrying about your employee or loved one, you can rest easy knowing the lone worker will be able to reach you every time they need help. A medical alarm will be with them at all times. You never have to worry again.

Benefits of having a lone worker alarm

Not all people are aware of the extraordinary benefits of having a lone worker alarm. Let us familiarize you with the usefulness of this revolutionary product.


One of the best things about a medical alarm is that it makes the user more independent and covers WHS requirements. Not only that, but the person employer can be more independent, too. This can help companies feel like the have a better idea of where their employees are, if they are safe and if they need assistance. It means they can work alone without fear of falling, needing assistance or not being able to contact their supervisor.

Unmatched service

No matter how much we love our cellphones, we simply can’t rely on them for everything. In an emergency situation, reaching for a mobile phone may not be possible. Or if you do reach it, trying to call someone from the contact list could be confusing and waste time. The weather could be wet or you may be trembling making the process difficult. 

The lone worker alarm ensures that the person has the alert button with them at all times, even when they’re showering. This is a much more effective approach to potential emergencies, as the user always has a sense of security, knowing that help will be there as soon as they need it. 

Ease of use

The simplicity of a lone worker alarm is unmatched anything. The person using the medical alarm can simply press a button and help will be on the way. Even those visually impaired can easily operate the alarm. The fact that only one button is needed to effectively operate the system means that the medical alarm can even be used in complete darkness, making it useful even in night conditions.

Why choose us as your provider of personal medical alarms?

The largest 4G medical alarm supplier

National Health Australia is the national distributor for the NHA Life Alarm or NH-401. If you have seen our device with another brand name then it still comes from us. We also know that we’re not the only provider of medical alarms out there. Putting your trust and money in a company you’re not familiar with can arguably make you anxious. We want to make sure you’re comfortable with your decision to work with us. In that spirit, take a look at all the reasons why we’re perfect for the job.


The matter of the fact is that you can’t work in health care if you’re not professional. Due to our teams extensive years of working in health care, we know exactly how to approach every patient. We understand the issues and needs of our patients in-depth, which allows us to adequately assess them.

We are case sensitive and will listen to your family or friends situation attentively. You can trust anything our team recommends, and you’ll be able to talk to us about anything- anytime. This also means that you’ll always be treated with the utmost respect. Our professional nature makes us much more perceptive and attuned to anything you may be experiencing.


Altruism and philanthropy are two principles that you need to work in this field of business. Providing quality personal medical alarms and other healthcare items isn’t a question of profit, it’s a question of care. We deeply care about the well-being of our patients, which is why we’ll always do our best to give you exactly what you need.

Our services and products are aimed to improve your life and make you feel more comfortable on day to day basis. With us, feeling better is a given. Due to the amount of sheer care we put into our products, you never have to worry about getting anything less than high-quality. The 4G lone worker alarms you get from us was made with the same level of care and quality we’d want for ourselves.


Our success simply wouldn’t be possible without the years of experience under our belt. Thanks to that extensive experience, we’re able to provide you with the best possible personal medical alarms and other products on the market. We sell on average approx 150 NH-401 4G medical alarms every week! So no matter how individual you are, your condition and the reason you may need personal medical alarms isn’t unfamiliar to us.

That knowledge has allowed us to perfect our products and tailor them to the specific needs of our clients. No health care professionals can make it in the business if they lack the experience in the field. That’s why we’re devoted ourselves to learning as much as we can and applying that knowledge every day in the office. Our set of skills, combined with our experience, makes us one of the best health care companies in Australia.


National Health Australia believes in honesty and transparency above anything else. When you first talk to us, we’ll figure out exactly what product you need. There won’t be any hassles and visits longer than they need to be.

As well as that, you’ll be familiar with the price right away. Most importantly, there will be no hidden costs. You’ll easily be able to stick to your budget and get the care you need at the price we agreed on.