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Welcome to NHA, the home of medical alarms, diagnostic devices, medical equipment and PPE for Australians nationwide.

Our goal is to raise the bar on the service and quality of medical alarms and diagnostic devices in Australia. We lead through example to provide the highest level of support services and medical alarms. Our 4G life and medical alarm pendants are available wholesale and retail so you can rest assured your device comes from the source. The 4G NHA Life Alarm is ground breaking technology designed for seniors, people with disability and lone workers. Proudly we also offer a range of cutting edge Diagnostic Device. We supply our services to government departments, aged care facilities, NDIS participants, the general public and companies Australia wide.

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Medical and Personal Alarms


4G Medical Alarms are our speciality, available to wholesale and retail customers.

Pioneering the way into 4G, now with the latest 2024 (Now with voice prompts!) technology available the 4G NHA Life Alarm (NH-401) is leading the industry into the future for personal medical pendants, GPS fall detectors and devices for aged care, lone workers and disability.


Diagnostic Devices

Warehouse Pricing – Direct to your door!

Our range of diagnostic devices are quality, brand name equipment designed for fast and accurate results.

The CoaguChek can help users monitor INR and blood thickness of themselves or their patients. Perfect for professional or general public use. We also offer equipment to accurately test total cholesterol, triglycerides and lactates. As an authorised surgical supplier, we can offer fast dispatch and life long support on our customer service phone line, making us a preferred choice!


Fight against Covid19 – Face Masks, Rapid Tests & PPE

We supply quality Face Masks, Rapid Antigen Tests and PPE equipment to Government Departments, Companies and the General Public. There is no limit to our order size, moderate amounts can be purchased on our website clicking here and for larger quantities, please contact our office.

We strive to protect the work force and general public so we take care in selecting the products in our range. All of our products are fully customisable as we are both a retailer and wholesaler. Custom packaging, brands etc can be applied to our range of PPE.

‘Be the change you want to see in the world’ – Ghandi


Latest news and information

August 2023 – NEW DEVICE INCOMING! ‘NHA Emergency Alarm’

The ‘NHA Emergency Alarm 4G’ is due to be released in the coming months! An exciting new alarm designed for high risk, emergency use. This alarm will only be 24/7 monitored (no family of friends option) our monitoring facility to ensure fast and professional response is available when needed. The monitoring facility will have medical information on hand, next of kind and emergency home entry procedures. They will also be able to track the GPS and talk to the user while they wait (if medically able). Our longest battery life for a mobile device, light weight and simple. We are looking forward to bringing another high quality emergency pendant to the market.

February 2023 – NEW FEATURE! Voice Prompts on the NHA Life Alarm and NHA Medical Watch!

We are so excited to announce the 2023 model of the NHA Life Alarm now includes Voice Prompts! Voice prompts are verbal explanations which explain what the alarm is doing and how to cancel it. This makes the medical alarm perfect for vision impaired users and also provide a secondary confirmation the alarm is working. With over 14 voice prompts, the personal alarms now let you know clearly when an SOS has been activated and how to cancel it, they tell you when the alarm is turning off or when it is too low on battery, when placing in the charging dock it lets you know, verbally that it is now charging.

The addition of voice prompts to our range of medical alarms and fall detectors allows for an easier user experience and confidence in emergencies but also daily when charging. The NHA Medical Watch can also have these voice prompts in any language! Common languages will be English, Mandarin, Italian, Japanese and Spanish. However we are able to customise to any language with minimal wait time.

June 2022 – NEW COLOUR! Red button NHA Life Alarm!

red nha life alarm

Check our our newest member to the family, the red buttoned NHA Life Alarm. A 4GX (Works on 4GX, 4G and 3G networks), pendant with built in GPS, Fall detector, 8 contact calling device. We think this new colour looks great, for those wanting a little more edge..



February 2022 – We donated $250,000 of Rapid Antigen Tests, PPE and Face Masks to charity!

Donating to charity

As part of our yearly give back, NHA has donated a massive $250,000 worth of medical supplies to those in need! Supporting our community is at the fore front of our business model. The pandemic has hurt many families, so orchestrating our largest yet donation, we have aimed to give back. Profits from our online shop have been used to purchase RATS, PPE and Materials used in the fight against COVID19. Charity work is so important for all companies and we are proud of our accomplishment.

April 2021 – We donated 100,000 masks to charity!

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Coronavirus (COVID19) and NHA

In 2023, we seem to be getting somewhere in the battle with COVID19. Its important we still follow some simple, basic hygiene practices to care for our most vulnerable.

Through the pandemic we received regular Government and Industry updates. National Health Australia is committed to supporting all Australians through this time and this starts at home. Even though the threat has been downgraded, all our staff will continue to wash their hands when the enter the building and use hand sanitiser. Our office and equipment will continue to have regular cleaning and any signs of illness with staff is taken very seriously. As most of our customers are either elderly, disabled or living with medical conditions. We take our responsibility seriously!

If you are unwell, it is important to test yourself for COVID19 and isolate. Tests can be purchased from our website, as well as Face Masks, which should be worn if leaving the house following illness or around vulnerable people.

Australia has a spirit like no other country. We fight together, laugh together and love together.

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Health & Safety

Health & Safety should be at the forefront of all industries. As a wholesaler and retailer, we are able to provide any quantity of health and safety products to our customers. We support organisations meet their WHS requirements.

National Health Australia is focused on delivering quality products to support all industries. Nurses/ Doctors, Specialised Medical workers, Retail workers, Construction workers, Hospitality workers, Farmers and Gardeners.. the list goes on. We can provide emergency SOS alarms with built in fall detectors (medic alarms or medical alarms), face masks suitable for all industries or the general public.


key safes

Key Safes, Fall Detectors and Medical Alarms – A saving grace.

Key Safes play a vital role in providing emergency care when it is needed. Did you know that our surveys show over 60% of seniors emergencies happen inside the home or back yard? Sadly, this often means they are either unable to stand up or worse are not conscious. It is so important that emergency services, family or friends can access the home of the person needing help. The best way to do this is to combine a Key Safe and 4G NHA Life Alarm. The NHA Life Alarm can send the users key safe code in an SMS to any mobile numbers in the instance the SOS button is pressed or a fall is detected. This means the contact list will be able to either gain access themselves or pass this information on to emergency services. Often loved ones are in a panic during emergencies and can forget codes, having the code inside the medical alarms emergency SMS message means they will receive it to their phone the moment there is an emergency.

A medical alarm or fall detector drastically reduces the time a senior or person with disability is in an emergency or critical condition. Combining this with a key safe means emergency services, family or friends will not have to break in leaving the home then open to thieves or needing expensive repair work. Having fast response and then fast access may drastically reduce recovery time and have your loved one back on their feet sooner!

For more information on Key Safes please click here

For more information on 4G Medical Alarms/ Fall Detectors please click here

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We provide Australians with quality medical and assistive technology equipment nationwide. 4G medical alarms available to be bought directly from the distributor. Aged care, disability support services and medical alarm information can be received calling our National office on (National Health Australia) phone 1800 336 333