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Welcome to NHA, the home of medical alarms and support services for Australians nationwide.

Our goal is to raise the bar on support services and medical alarms in Australia. We lead through example to provide the highest level of support services and medical alarms. Our 4G life and medical alarm pendants are available wholesale and retail so you can rest assured your device comes from the source. The 4G NHA Life Alarm is ground breaking technology designed for seniors, people with disability and lone workers. We supply our services to government departments, aged care facilities, NDIS participants, the general public and companies Australia wide.


Medical and Personal Alarms


4G Medical Alarms are our speciality, available to wholesale and retail customers.

Pioneering the way into 4G with the latest 2019 technology available the 4G NHA Life Alarm (NH-401) is leading the industry into the future for personal medical pendants, GPS fall detectors and devices for aged care, lone workers and disability.

In Home Aged Care Services

Helping seniors and their families through every day tasks or post hospital discharge.

Our in home aged care services are filling the void and ensuring the highest quality of life for our most important citizens.

Disability Support Services

Proudly offering Disability Support Services for private and NDIS customers.

The team leads years of experience and highly specialised medical professionals. It’s all about the client and we tailor their services for them.

‘Be the change you want to be in the world’ – Ghandi

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In home aged care!

We are so happy to be offering in home aged care for seniors and the elderly! Compiling our passion and years of experience we have put together the framework to provide the level of care and service our seniors deserve.

Providing in home aged care for private clients as covered under a CHSP (Commonwealth Home Support Program), private clients as well as CALD clients (Culturally and Linguistically Diverse) National Health Australia has a team dedicated to improving the lives of seniors across Australia. Whether it be Residential Respite, Transition Care, Short-Term Restorative Care, NDIS, Daily Living tasks or other forms of aged care. As a provider of care we will develop a plan and schedule of services with you. The plan can be changed and added to as often as necessary.

Why go private? The main benefits of using a private aged care provider, as opposed to Government organised is you can choose your carer, choose your hours and change them whenever you need! You can still pay for private services with your care packages and instead of squeezing into a one size fits all, you can have your say on your care.

It’s important to understand like our disability services and medical alarm service, we want to be the difference in the industry. It’s all about you and how we can best serve you.. why? Because seniors deserve it and we love them!
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NDIS Disability Support Services

The NDIS/ NDIA (National Disability Insurance Scheme or National Disability Insurance Agency) is under-going constant changes to its policies but it’s important to know we will always provide our clients disability support workers. Too frequently we hear of ‘pop up companies’ providing care for short periods of time before disappearing, leaving NDIS participants without support and feeling disrespected. For some of our participants, choosing and working with a support worker is extremely important and takes a lot of trust and relationship building. Many NDIS participants need routine which brings security, a sense of fulfillment and ensures each day goes smoothly.

We promise to always be there for you when you need us and never disappear. We believe in life long relationships and not only will you have contact with your support worker but also the coordinator of care in your area. We are a very transparent company and have an open ears, hearts and doors policy. It is so important to us to maintain our reputation in the community as being the organisation you can rely on. If you would like more information on our disability support workers or have any feedback you would like to pass on to head office, please call our office on 1800 336 333.


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Key Safes, Fall Detectors and Medical Alarms – A saving grace.

Key Safes play a vital role in providing emergency care when it is needed. Did you know that our surveys show over 60% of seniors emergencies happen inside the home or back yard? Sadly, this often means they are either unable to stand up or worse are not conscious. It is so important that emergency services, family or friends can access the home of the person needing help. The best way to do this is to combine a Key Safe and 4G NHA Life Alarm. The NHA Life Alarm can send the users key safe code in an SMS to any mobile numbers in the instance the SOS button is pressed or a fall is detected. This means the contact list will be able to either gain access themselves or pass this information on to emergency services. Often loved ones are in a panic during emergencies and can forget codes, having the code inside the medical alarms emergency SMS message means they will receive it to their phone the moment there is an emergency.

A medical alarm or fall detector drastically reduces the time a senior or person with disability is in an emergency or critical condition. Combining this with a key safe means emergency services, family or friends will not have to break in leaving the home then open to thieves or needing expensive repair work. Having fast response and then fast access may drastically reduce recovery time and have your loved one back on their feet sooner!

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Medical Alarm supplier for seniors, people with disability and NDIS participants
Medical Alarms, Seniors Emergency Buttons, Lone Worker Alarms, Disability Support Services available.

We provide Australians with quality medical and assistive technology equipment nationwide. 4G medical alarms available to be bought directly from the distributor. Aged care, disability support services and medical alarm information can be received calling our National office on (National Health Australia) phone 1800 336 333