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Medical and Personal Alarms


4G Medical Alarms are our speciality, available to wholesale and retail customers.

Pioneering the way with the first 4G alarm in Australia and now with the latest 2024 technology available, National Health Australia is the authority with the best medical alarms on the market. Leading the industry into the future for personal medical alert pendants, watches, GPS fall detectors and devices for aged care, lone workers and disability. The 4G NHA Life Alarm pendant is an example of the finest engineering or view our full range.


Diagnostic Devices – Surgical Grade

Warehouse Pricing – Direct to your door!

Our range of diagnostic devices are quality, brand name equipment designed for fast and accurate results.

The CoaguChek can help users monitor INR and blood thickness of themselves or their patients. Perfect for professional or general public use. We also offer equipment to accurately test total cholesterol, triglycerides and lactates. As an authorised surgical supplier, we can offer fast dispatch and life long support on our customer service phone line, making us a preferred choice!


Medical Supplies – Face Masks, Rapid Tests & PPE

We supply quality Face Masks, Rapid Antigen Tests and PPE equipment to Government Departments, Hospitals, Private Companies and the General Public. There is no limit to our order size, moderate amounts can be purchased on our website clicking here and for larger quantities, please contact our office. Order a box, carton, pallet or even shipping container!

We strive to protect the work force and general public so we take care in selecting the products in our range. All of our products are fully customisable as we are both a retailer and wholesaler. Custom packaging, brands etc can be applied to our range of PPE.


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Range of Best Medical Alarms in Australia

Customer Support

Support in Australia. Always.

Our 100% Australia Based, skilled technicians are available for customer support for the life of your product! Call or email our team for free remote medical alarm programming/ sensitivity changes, product explanations, charging or battery change help, assistance with diagnostic devices, user guides or simple questions about after care!

Our medical monitoring facility is also Australia based, so you know your service provider is local, professional and is held to Australia’s strict standards.

Caring for Australians is our business, its easy to explain why we are the best in the industry however we prefer to let our service do the talking. Become a customer of NHA and we guarantee your satisfaction or your money back.

Why are we the experts in all things medical alarms and diagnostics?
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Authorised Supplier to Government, Councils, Hospitals, Aged Care and NDIS

Personal Alarm Information

What is a medical alarm or personal alarm?

A medical alarm can be called many things, from personal alarm, falls alert, panic button and many more. When people use these names they are generally referring to a device which can be used in an emergency to contact family, friends, neighbours or a medical monitoring facility. They always have an SOS button on a pendant or watch strap. Some models include fall detection, GPS locators, two-way voice or sedentary alarms (Non-Movement). The idea is that in an emergency, help can be found quickly and effectively.

What is the best medical alarm on the market?

Medical Watch Alarms or Personal SOS Watches are becoming increasingly popular. Models such as the NHA Medical Watch or Personal Medi Watch are two of the best falls watches with sos buttons available. These offer users stylish and comfortable emergency protection while looking and acting as a functional watch. Easy to navigate the screen menu, these models also include heart rate monitors, GPS locators, blood oxygen monitoring, alarm clocks and more! All in a simple to use package.

Some customers may prefer a simple alert device such as a medical alarm pendant, this could be a 4G based alarm which works anywhere such as the NHA Life Alarm or the NHA Emergency Alarm. The 4G mobile based alarms such as the Life Alarm or Emergency Alarm, work at the shops, in the back yard or literally anywhere there is 4G mobile signal. They allow two way voice communication just like a mobile phone on speaker to talk to users/ contacts in an emergency. They are a simple pendant style worn on a lanyard, wristband, pouch or carry it in your pocket!

A village or home based system such as the Smart Link Medi Guardian which is a traditional style that only works in the home or village. We also have the NHA PRO which works as a NBN Medical Alarm System or WiFi Medical Alarm System. A home based system for Retirement Villages, Over 50s Communities, Elderly Nursing Homes, Residential Homes, Hospitals or Commercial Premises that will only work at that location. They can have multiple water proof wall buttons, pendants or wrist buttons. These could be in wet areas, bedrooms, community areas etc. Our NHA PRO has a huge 800m range or add repeaters to increase the range further so it can be used in basements, high rise buildings or cover sports stadiums.

Who are personal alarms for?

Anyone! We have Doctors, Nurses, Teachers, Seniors/ Elderly, NDIS Participants, Factory Workers, Security Guards, Cyclists and many many more types of customers! They are a simple way for a human to get help when they need it! We can also silence the SOS Alarms for Domestic Violence Alarms, victims can alert their contacts of an emergency using their duress button and the contacts can listen in without notifying the perpetrator. They save lives, minimise injuries and recovery times through providing quick help! Our base system can work in 24 hour gyms, petrol stations or shops as a shop duress alarm.

Does a medical alarm improve independence?

Absolutely! Its a simple and effective way to provide peace of mind to medical alert users and their contacts. Its the reason so many medical professionals such as Doctors are recommending the elderly or disabled get them. We know seniors are at a higher falls risk and so a falls alarm or emergency SOS pendant is the perfect way to bring peace of mind that help is only a click away! Workers who would be in high risk or travelling alone can now have peace of mind too.

How simple are alarms to use?

PERS (Personal Emergency Response Systems) are very easy to use. They are simply a personal emergency device which should be worn and in an emergency the SOS button should be pressed to alert the contacts or monitoring facility.

We have a range of alarms, simple SOS Buttons/ Fall Alert Device to medi watches with heart rate monitors, pedometers, blood oxygen readings. Its important to note these are features the user does not need to use, they are just there if they want to. Speak to a medical alarm expert today – 1800 336 333.

Who does the medical alarm call?

We have two options.

  1. Self Monitored Alarms – These will alert, send the GPS location and call your chosen contacts. We program the numbers for you and can change these remotely for the life of the product. These contacts could be a neighbour, carer, family, friend etc.
  2. 24/7 Medical Monitoring – Naturally, the safer option. This option means your emergency pendant or watch will call our medical monitoring facility and be connected to a trained expert. This facility will have any relevant medical history on file, can track the GPS or provide entry information such as key safe codes to paramedics and will attempt to talk to the user before calling for help and notifying the contacts. The main benefit is someone will always answer 24/7 when helps needed. Small monthly fee applies.

Need help? Information? Quote? Invoice?

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Our Goal

Our goal is to raise the bar on the service and quality of medical alarms and diagnostic devices in Australia. We lead through example to provide the highest level of medical alarm devices, 24/7 medical monitoring facility and surgical grade diagnostic devices. Our 4G life/ medical alarm watches and pendants are available wholesale and retail so you can rest assured your device comes from the source.

Proudly we also offer a range of cutting edge Diagnostic Devices. We supply our services to Government Departments, Aged Care Facilities, NDIS Participants, the General Public and Private Companies Australia wide.

Health and Safety

Health & Safety should be at the forefront of all industries, especially post Covid-19. As a wholesale medical supply company and retail medical supply company, we are able to provide any quantity of health and safety products to our customers. We support organisations to meet their WHS requirements.

National Health Australia is focused on delivering quality products to support all industries. Nurses/ Doctors, Specialised Medical workers, Retail workers, Construction workers, Hospitality workers, Teachers and the Elderly.. the list goes on. We can provide emergency SOS alarms with built in fall detectors (medic alarms or medical alarms), face masks suitable for all industries or the general public.

key safes

Key Safes, Fall Detectors and Medical Alarms – A saving grace.

Key Safes play a vital role in providing emergency care when it is needed. Did you know that surveys show over 60% of seniors emergencies happen inside the home or back yard? Sadly, this often means they are either unable to stand up or worse are not conscious. It is so important that emergency services, family or friends can access the home of the person needing help. The best way to do this is to combine a Key Safe and any medical alert device. The NHA Life Alarm can also send the users key safe code in a SMS to any mobile numbers when the SOS button is pressed or a fall is automatically detected. This means the contact list will be able to either gain access themselves or pass this information on to emergency services. Often loved ones are in a panic during emergencies and can forget codes, having the code inside the medical alarms emergency SMS message means they will receive it to their phone the moment there is an emergency. Our 24/7 medical monitoring facility can also give this information to paramedics or Emergency responders so they don’t need to force entry, break doors or windows, leaving expensive repair bills.

A medical alarm or fall detector drastically reduces the time a senior or person with disability is in an emergency or critical condition. Combining this with a key safe means emergency services, family or friends will not have to break in leaving the home then open to thieves or needing expensive repair work. Having fast response and then fast access may drastically reduce recovery time and have your loved one back on their feet sooner!

For more information on Key Safes please click here

For more information on 4G Medical Alarms/ Fall Detectors please click here

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We provide Australians with quality medical and assistive technology equipment nationwide. 4G medical alarms available to be bought directly from the distributor. Diagnostic Equipment, CoaguChek, Fall Alarms and Medical Alarm information can be received through calling our National Head Office on (National Health Australia) phone 1800 336 333