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Disclaimer and T&C’s

National Health Australia and any trademarks, businesses and representatives state the following.

This company will endeavour to ensure all of the information is updated and correct on this website. It is not however liable for any incorrect information, typo’s or should be taken as medical advice.

Medical Advice

Any information found on this website is a guide only, it should not be taken as professional advice. You must not rely on any information supplied on this website or through a representative of National Health Australia. It is to be taken ‘as is’. Any medical or health information is not guaranteed to be factual and a user should consult a doctor or medical professional prior to accepting any claims made on this website.


Medical Equipment

Any equipment sold National Health Australia is sold to assist a user in their day to day life. It is not intended to replace actual medical machines, cure medical issues (including psychological), replace actual emergency assistance or the seeking of emergency services. Users understand when operating a medical, panic, or security alarm that they should still attempt to get to a phone, call for help or seek assistance. The user is responsible for the up keep of the device to ensure it remains in working condition.


The 3G, 4G, landline or GPS function on any device is limited 3G, 4G, landline and GPS signal. For this to work with the best accuracy a pendant must have direct line of site to the satellites in the sky. A working landline must be terminated at the socket. Although these devices should work almost everywhere there is signal. A pendant may not work underground, in buildings, in cars or anywhere that there is an interference or a covering over the device. GPS signal on any device works  within 5m of the user most of the time. However, National Health Australia can not guarantee the GPS signal to work 100% of the time. 3G and 4G signal is dependent on coverage the provider SIM card. National Health Australia is not liable in any way for this devices failure to work under any circumstances or any means. National Health Australia is not liable for accident, injury, death, damage or other from this device to a person, animal or public and private property.

  1. USES

All medical alarms are only intended to assist the user in an emergency situation making contact to the programmed contacts. National Health Australia and its associated persons are not liable or responsible for the failure or malfunction of the device resulting in injury, death or damage to any persons or property. It is not designed to prevent any loss or property, remove the risk of injury or death to the persons using it, in the vacinity of the device, any contacts in the device or persons indirectly using the device.


Credit on all devices sold National Health Australia is to be maintained and monitored the user National Health Australia will not check the credit on these devices, it is the owners responsibility. It is recommended that the user regularly checks the credit level of this device to ensure it will work as intended in an emergency situation.

The user must charge all medical alarms regularly. It is recommended the device be charged daily, if it is used multiple times a day this may require more charging.

SECURITY ALARM USERS- All security alarms on Multipath devices and monitored National Health Australia have unlimited reporting provided, however this is dependent on Telstra and Optus signal strength. National Health Australia is not responsible or liable for any loss as a result of this equipment failing to contact the monitoring centre or subsequent calling of emergency services or after hours contacts.


National Health Australia is not liable or responsible for any death or injury, damage to persons, property or third parties as a direct or indirect use of any device sold National Health Australia or Protection Revolution Australia. Once any device is purchased or GSM, GPRS or IP module is installed, it is the users responsibility to inform the contacts of the devices number and their responsibilities to respond to emergency texts and calls from the device. National Health Australia is not liable or responsible for injury or death caused persons responding to an emergency, loss or damage caused in part or whole. from the device or its accessories under proper or improper use.

National Health Australia and the customer agree that any supplied device or aid is not designed or guaranteed to prevent any loss or injury. If, notwithstanding the terms of this agreement, there should arise any liability on the part of National Health Australia as a result of any cause whatsoever, regardless of whether or not such loss, damage, or personal injury was caused or contributed to National Health Australia’s negligence to any degree or failure to perform any obligation or strict products liability, any liability will be limited to the sum of the sale price of the device at the time of purchase and does not include legal fees, administration fees, medical bills or any third party costs.

National Health Australia can not guarantee any device will stop unlawful entry into your home and is not liable for any damage to any persons or property resulting in such occurrence. If any supposed capable device that is used to alert people fails, National Health Australia is not liable or responsible for the device failing or any consequences of that device failing.


The medical alarm user understands that this device is intended to be used in emergencies only. Excessive use or regular use of the call function will require the user to add more credit at their own expense. Information on how to do this can be accessed from our office on 1800 336 333. We recommend seizure prone users should regularly top up the device. Regular use of the device may cause the contacts or button to wear out.


This agreement constitutes the full understanding of the parties and will not be deleted, amended, cancelled except in writing both parties. By purchasing this product the user accepts these terms and conditions, disclaimer, warranty, returns policy and privacy policy. The user waives any claims against these texts.


The user accepts that the T&CS, DISCLAIMER, PRIVACY DOCUMENTS AND WARRANTY were available at the time of sale the website www.nationalhealth.com.au National Health Australia P/L and Protection Revolution Australia P/L. Clients on Back to Base Alarm or Medical monitoring contracts or client lists will receive relevant contractual agreements and conditions on signing the monitoring agreement. All medical alarms include a smaller disclaimer which is delivered with the device, this disclaimer also instructs the purchaser to visit https://www.nationalhealth.com.au for T&Cs and disclaimer.


The user submits to the jurisdiction of law in QLD, Australia and agrees and accepts any legal proceedings must be engaged, maintained and completed in their entirety in QLD, Australia. Service of any papers and documents for such matters must be delivered express mail, confidentially to P.O Box 5054 Q Super Center, 4218 QLD Australia. They must be clearly and legibly be marked CONFIDENTIAL – TO: NATIONAL HEALTH AUSTRALIA. The user understands any legal action taken either parties including suing may result in mediation. National Health Australia will seek its legal fees be paid any party who takes legal action against the company. Any damages to the brand, company, name, trust or customer base as a result of any unsuccessful legal action against National Health Australia will be assessed and compensation will be seeked.