About Rapid Antigen Covid19 Test (Testing for SARS-CoV-2 or Coronavirus)

Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration approved Rapid Antigen Covid19 Tests

Rapid Antigen Tests Available Now

Rapid Antigen Tests are now available for quick and reliable testing of persons in under 20 minutes. The TGA has implemented new guidelines and has already approved a number of tests for use in Australia in the detection of Coronavirus. National Health Australia is proudly a supplier of COVID19 Tests to support our country in the transition to living in a SARS-CoV-2 or Coronavirus world and also cutting down on the spread of the virus.

Wholesale Supply and Retail Supply

Rapid testing kits are available in wholesale quantities for your testing requirements. Whole sale orders are of 200+ tests, with no limit to order size (subject to stock availability). All TGA guidelines must be followed in the supply and distribution of Rapid Antigen Covid19 Test Kits.

NHA supplies products to hundreds of Medical Suppliers, Pharmacies, Doctor Surgeries, Private Companies and Government Departments. We have multiple warehouses which allow us to provide warehouse pricing to all customers.

How do Covid19 antigen saliva/ nasal test work?

First we need to understand the different types of tests available on the market. There is saliva swab test, saliva discharge collection tests and nasal tests. The three all have similar rates of accuracy however are carried out differently.

The saliva swab test is arguably the easiest test for a person to carry out. This involves the testing person placing the swab (cotton tip) in the mouth and taking a sample from both sides of the mouth, the back of the throat and both sides of the tongue. It is best to ensure a through swabbing is undertaken to ensure accuracy.

The nasal swab test is slightly more difficult and involves swabbing the back of the naval cavity with the testing cotton tip. It does involved a deep swab and can be uncomfortable for some. Extreme care needs to be taken the testing person to ensure the right depth is achieved.

Once the swabbing is complete, depending on the test brand, the swab is mixed with a solution and left for 15 – 20 mins. This will then show a reading, colour, indication or picture as shown in the instructions from the manufacturer. Now, you have your result and the test is complete.

Testing and detecting COVID in symptom free (asymptomatic) persons

Rapid testing kits, or Rapid Antigen tests are very important when it comes to Asymptomatic persons who would have no reason to present for a PCR test.

A large study in the UK of just under 750,000 tests, showed rapid antigen tests may be useful in diagnosing infections in people who have no symptoms. The tests were carried out in the work place, schools and emergency workers with a huge 17.5% detection rate which wouldn’t have been picked up in the health system. This early and rapid detection would undoubtedly stopped the spread to other potential patients.