FAQs – Medical Alarm/ Fall Detectors

Frequently asked questions regarding medical alarms/ fall detectors

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▼ What is the 4G NHA Life Alarm?

  • The 4G NHA Life Alarm is a mobile based pendant (Telstra 4GX Network) which can be used in an emergency to get help. Through using the SOS button on the front OR the automatic fall detector, the device will send GPS location via text message and call up to 8 contacts, this could include 000 (Emergency Services). We do all the set up and programming for you, so its ready to use out of the box. The device works off a mobile SIM card, meaning it works anywhere. It is waterproof, shockproof, has a GPS locator and a display screen (can easily be used without reading screen).
  • *Note* Our devices can be fully customised for different industries, the above information is standard for medical alarm use. Lone Worker, Wanderer (Dementia), Retirement Village or Domestic Violence use is customised further, please enquire with our team.

    ▼ Who is the NHA Life Alarm designed for?

    Information throughout the FAQs page is for general use, that is, seniors, people with disability and general worker use.
  • Simply put, we have different engineered firmware’s for different industries. This means our devices are tailored to our users.
  • Examples of users are Seniors, people with disability, lone workers, victims of domestic violence, wanderers, medical staff or teams and retirement villages.
  • Our team will use the appropriate firmware for your use, you don’t need to worry about it. We can also accommodate custom engineered firmware for niche industry use.
  • ▼ What are the costs involved? Any ongoing?

  • The only ongoing cost is the SIM card for calls and messages.
  • Self Monitored Option (Calls your contacts) – Our NHA on Tesltra service costs $75 per for pendants and watches for unlimited emergency use (fair use policy applies). Home based systems may be more, please enquire for latest price. We recommend using this service as you know the device will always work when it is supposed to and costs significantly less than a regular retail SIM. However, you can use your own Telstra SIM card if you choose.
  • Medical Monitoring Option – Alternatively, we also offer connection to our Medical Monitoring Facility. This means the device will be connected to our 24/7 professional monitoring centre. It will not be able to contact your 8 contacts and is suited for those requiring a higher or more dependable level of care. This is currently $39 – $45 per month (device dependent).
  • ▼ Can you talk and listen to contacts through the pendant?

  • Yes, consider the pendant as a mini phone with SOS button and automatic FALL detector. It has a speaker, microphone and SIM card. This means its connected to the mobile network and can be used like a phone. Once connected to your pre-programmed contacts it functions like a phone on loud speaker, so you don’t need to hold it to your ear.
  • ▼ I saw another company with their name/ logo on the same device?

  • As the sole National Distributor, we offer customised logo/ branding to our wholesale customers. These re-sellers offer their own firmware and support. They are well vetted, established companies with experience in the industry. If you have any concerns with their authenticity, please contact our team.
  • If you would like to become a wholesaler, or need your company to have customised branding for their worker use please enquire.

    ▼ How big is the pendant? How much does it weigh?

  • The pendants are small, utilising lightweight and compact technology. The pendants fit easily in the palm of your hand. They are 64mm long, 44mm wide and 19mm thick. They weigh about the same as three 20cent pieces.
  • ▼ Do they come in different colours?

  • Yes! We love offering users the option to match their personality, uniforms or vision impairments. We currently have four combinations, as below.
  • Flagship Black with white buttons
  • Flagship Black with red buttons
  • Olympic Blue with black buttons
  • Leaf Green with white buttons
  • ▼ Do you need to use the screen? Can a vision impaired person use the pendant?

  • Yes! The device’s SOS button has three brail style dots on it and the fall detector is automatic. This means the user can feel the SOS button and press it. The screen is merely a display and does not need to be used. Once pressed the pendant vibrates and starts beeping 10 times. It then starts ringing the contacts on loudspeaker. The pendant also speaks an audible warning when the battery is low and needs charging. The charging dock is an open cradle, with wireless connections and a strong magnet designed to hold it in place. So you can place it above the dock and it will pull itself into the correct position. Perfect for our vision impaired customers.
  • ▼ Can a hearing impaired person use the pendant?

  • Yes! This is the beauty of our device compared to models without screens. The screen will show you the word SOS when pressed or FALL when a fall is detected as well as vibrates. Naturally, depending on hearing impairment the user may not be able to hear the contact, however for those with some hearing, once on a call the volume can be increased using the side buttons. Regardless of call volume, the user can rest assured it has contacted the contacts and also sent them GPS location through text message. The GPS is sent as a Google link, so the contact clicks it to start tracking the user. Peace of mind.
  • ▼ Can you change the 8 contact numbers?

  • Yes! The contact numbers can be changed easily through sending a text message to the device from a mobile number. The simple code is in the user guide and easy to do, alternatively our team can do it remotely free of charge. Remember, our technicians and support team is available to help you during business hours for the life of the product.
  • Example of text message = A1,0400111222,John Smith OR A1,number,name
  • ▼ Does it have false alarms? No need to worry!

  • You don’t need to worry about false alarms. If you accidently press the SOS or drop the pendant, it will start beeping for 10 seconds. This 10 seconds is a cancellation window. In this window, simply press the SOS button again to cancel it. Device will stop beeping, show CANCELLED on screen and will not notify your contacts. *Note* This is unique to our firmware, re-seller devices may function differently
  • ▼ What if my contacts phone goes to voicemail?

  • A good question however our engineers have this covered! The pendant will first send a SMS text message to the first 4 contacts which includes the GPS location and type of emergency. It then cycles the list of up to 8 contacts. When a contact answers, they are played a message 3 times which tells them to press 1 on their keypad to accept the call. If they do not press 1 within 30 seconds, it moves on to the next contact. This feature means if a voicemail answers, it will not press 1 and the call will instantly progress to the next contact. This is our voicemail recognition settings!
  • ▼ Can the pendant individually call the contacts?

  • Yes! You are not limited to the emergency procedure of calling all contacts.
  • You can call ALL 8 contacts individually using the side buttons! Not limited to 1 or 2 like old pendants.
  • Keep in mind, usage charges apply. We would recommend using a higher plan or your own Telstra SIM if you plan to use it regularly as a mobile phone.
  • ▼ Can the contacts call in to the pendant to talk?

  • Yes! The contacts can call anytime to speak to the user on loud speaker .
  • The default operation has the pendant answer automatically after 3 rings and only the 8 contacts can call the pendant. We can change this remotely to require the user to press a side button to accept a call.
  • We can open it so any number can call in. This means if you want a person to be able to ring the pendant but not be an emergency contact, you can. Great for workers or using as a phone.
  • ▼ How does the fall detector work? Can I turn it off?

  • The fall detector has adjustable sensitivity. We set it on our default settings. It detects the angle and speed of a fall.
  • The fall detector can also be completely disabled/ turned off. This is easy to do via sending a SMS with the code in the user guide or our support team can do it remotely via contacting our office.
  • ▼Can it be worn in the shower?

  • Yes! It is rated IP67 which means temporary submersion in fresh water. This means you can shower with it. It is not recommend to wear in the swimming pool or ocean, unless placed in an appropriate water tight bag.
  • You can wash the device in fresh water, we recommend wiping with a wet cloth then drying it
  • Wearing in the rain will not effect the device. We always recommend drying it when possible.
  • ▼How does the GPS locator work?

  • The pendant has the latest GPS chip, which means it uses Global Positioning Satellites and WiFi to accurately find the location of the device. It sends this location as a Google Maps Link, via text message (SMS) during an emergency. The user can click this Google Maps Link and it opens on their phone, they can then see the address the user is located at and also click ‘directions’ to start navigating to them
  • It is also possible to locate the pendant through sending a simple SMS with the letter F for find. This will reply the same Google Maps Link and help you locate the user and/ or pendant.
  • ▼What happens if the area has bad mobile network reception

  • The pendant has one of the strongest antennas on the market in comparable products. The 4G NHA Life Alarm uses the 3G, 4G and 4GX networks. These are the dominate networks across Australia. The device will always first try to use the 4GX network, however most areas still use 4G or 3G so the device will roll back to these as required.
  • . If there is very little mobile reception, the device may still be able to send an SMS but not make a phone call.
  • Ultimately, if there is no reception in the area you will not be able to use the device. It is the same as mobile phone. Our team may suggest a booster installed on your roof or we may need a satellite phone for very remote areas.
  • ▼Do I need to add credit or top up the SIM card?

  • No, we recommend using the NHA on Telstra service. This is free for the first year and includes all emergency use (fair use policy applies). In future years it is $50 per year to re-new the service. This is the best way so you never have to worry, remember or check the ‘credit’.
  • Alternatively, we allow our customers to use their own SIM card. This suits high use customers or corporate plan customers.