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Accutrend® Plus – Cholesterol, triglycerides and lactate monitor (Roche Brand)

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Quick and easily test for Total cholesterol, triglycerides and lactate.


Available and in stock through National Health Australia (approved supplier)

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Screening for cardiovascular risk factors

  • A significant number of patients in primary care are dyslipidemic and therefore at higher risk of cardiovascular disease1-3
  • In addition, many patients with lipid dis­orders are either treated insufficiently or not treated at all1
  • Point of care lipid testing can substantially improve recognition as well as management of dyslipidemic patients in primary care1

Safety and reassurance

  • Built-in automatic performance testing and meter self-testing for reliable results

Ease of use

  • Flexible and mobile all-in-one device that is easy to use

Product characteristics

  • Convenient determination of cholesterol, triglycerides and lactate using capillary blood
  • Positive code strip and parameter ­recognition are used for calibration
  • Test strips can be stored at room ­temperature
  • Can store up to 100 different measurements with date, time and flags
  • Good precision and accuracy across the measuring range


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