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Key Safe


Emergency Key Safe (Secure your spare keys outside)

A simple to install Key Safe to securely leave spare keys to your premises.

These are ideal to be added onto a 4G NHA Life Alarm order. We can program the PIN code and location into the message sent from the 4G NHA Life Alarm. Alternatively you can give this code to family, neighbours or friends.


For more information on our range of key safes, medical and life alarms, please call 1800 336 333

Photo of keys and house


Key Safe photo with key

This key safe is used to safely store keys in for emergency situations. Weatherproof and durable it allows for up to 4 keys to be locked behind a pin code enclosure. We recommend securing it to brick or wood on the exterior of the home in a concealed location.


Key Safes can compliment our 4G NHA Life Alarm as our alarms can send the PIN code and location of the key safe in their emergency message after the SOS button is pushed or a FALL is detected. Easy to install, they only require a handy man and a few screws (included). The key safes are weatherproof, metal enclosures capable of holding approx 4 – 5 keys. We recommend hiding them somewhere undercover and letting a neighbour or family member know. The PIN code can easily be changed if required and instructions to do this are included. These KEY SAFEs are great for emergency access to a loved ones house and can assist in emergency situations. Paramedics could use the key safe to gain access to a premises when required. The key safes can also allow access to obtain personal belongings should the home owner be on holiday or in hospital and require certain belongings.


Our 4G NHA Life Alarm is a mobile based medical alarm for seniors and people with disability. It has the ability to send SMS (text messages) to mobile phone numbers in an emergency. This message can include the key safe location and PIN code if required. This can greatly increase the speed to which help can be found if the user of the alarm is locked inside their home and not able to open the door.

If you would like us to add the code into your 4G NHA Life Alarm please email or call our office and we can arrange our technicians to do this for you.


For more information on our key safes, medical and life alarms, please FREE call 1800 336 333

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