Disability Support Workers

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We provide and facilitate support services across Australia. Our nurses, disability support workers and psychologists are available in every city in Australia. Our extensive support network of professionals and partnered organisations is unrivaled and upheld with the greatest standards of care and professionalism. With over 25 years of experience in the health and medical fields, our staff are experienced and proven in their fields.


Types of Disability Support and Health Services Offered

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    • Assistance of Daily Tasks
    • Personal Care
    • Independent Living
    • Nursing (Coming Soon)
    • Therapy Support
    • Psychology
    • Social Support
    • Aged Care (Coming Soon)


NDIS Disability Support

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Disability Support Workers are special people who provide support, care and assistance for our wonderful NDIS participants. It takes a very special person to perform these duties and we ensure every support worker and participant are matched accordingly. Consideration is taken to ensure the goals and requirements of each participant are supported appropriately with the skills of their designated support worker. It is so important to know, at National Health Australia we treat all of our clients as we would our family and friends. It is such a personal experience which we take very seriously. Your experience with NHA should be full of laughter, success, progression and satisfaction.
The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) provides participants with a range of support services. National Health Australia (NHA) and its partnered organisations provide a personal approach and can cover all areas of support. Please inquire with our team to be connected with an NHA & NDIS approved Disability Support worker. Our support services can be found below.
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Assist-Life Stage, Transition

Assist Personal Activities

Participate Community

Daily Tasks/Shared Living

Personal Activities – High

Household Tasks

Through NDIS and NHA approved Disability Support Workers, participants can excel and live like never before. Some of our participants have specific goals and thinks to achieve, while others just require support for their daily tasks. The best thing about support workers is how flexible they. Your support worker can provide support in paying bills, going grocery shopping, calling family, writing letters, going to the park, preparing meals, showering/ grooming, general house work and thousands of other tasks.

How do we match our support workers with our participants?

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The matching process starts with a sit down meeting between our Registered Nurse, our National Support Coordinator, the NDIS participant and any family or friends of the participant. Our goal in this meeting is to asses the tasks the participant needs assistance with, outings they would like to go on and goals they would like to achieve. From this meeting we can create a tailored plan as well as complete our very own ‘NHA Goals to Success’ pathway. All meetings are in either one of our major city meeting rooms, the participants home or if on the Gold Coast these meetings are in our ‘soft meeting room’ which is in the NHA headquarters. The soft meeting room is a lounge area with wheel chair access (and wheel chair bathrooms). It is designed to be a place everyone can feel comfortable and talk freely. Every client is different and we have found this space helps some of our clients to feel relaxed and at home. We are also open to meet anywhere requested, this process is really about the client and we will travel to your desired location (anywhere in Australia!).
Through a tailored plan, our management team will then assess our Support team and pick one of our skilled support workers. We then follow this up with another meeting with the client. This meeting is all about getting to know each other a little better, seeing how the new relationship feels and working out a schedule that works for both parties. It is an exciting time and the dawn of great things. There is truly nothing better than knowing your will have the support to complete daily tasks as well as aspire to achieve things you have been dreaming of.
The ‘Goals to Success’ pathway includes mini goals, daily goals, short term and long term goals. It is designed to bring our participants closer and closer to everything they have ever wanted to achieve. The formulation and structure of the plan ensures everything is completed in an achievable and realistic order, empowering the participant seeing their own progress.

Minimum hours? Flexible Hours? Round the clock care?

The scheduling of support services is extremely flexible, in saying that we find routine is definitely important for a lot of our clients/ participants. We like to structure minimum 2 hours at a chosen time. This can be daily, twice daily or when ever it is needed. Some of our clients will require a 5 hour morning booking with a 2 hour night time booking, some may require 24 hour care which would be cycled 2 – 4 workers and some require a couple hours a day 3 days a week. There really is no one fit all for these services!
It is important to remember what we start with is not necessarily where we will end up! Sometimes we start slow with 2 hours in the morning or evenings, this can include a longer booking on the weekend and can end up with 8 or 9 hours a day! We do kindly ask for 2 weeks notice before changing hours, this is just to make sure your support worker has time to work our how the change will impact their family lives and other clients. We will do everything we can to support you, our care is from the heart and you will always be treated like family!



We provide psychology services in Queensland. Geared towards helping our clients become the best version of themselves they can be, supporting them through life’s challenges and formulating plans to progress. Contact our team today to formulate a no obligation meeting with an NHA partnered psychologist near you.
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Capacity Assessments

Mental Health Care Plans

Private Psychology Services (Medicare rebates available)


For more information on our support services please FREE call 1800 336 333