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Smart Link Medi Guardian MKII, 4G Medi Dialler. Home Based Medical Alarm/ Medi Call System

$750.00 $550.00

A fixed (plug into power point) 4G SIM based (no landline required) medical alarm system suitable for residential use, caring facilities and retirement villages. This system can have a number of pendants and emergency buttons pre-programmed onto it to allow the owner to have complete peace of mind inside their home, facility or room. Ideal for the elderly, disabled persons and hospitals. This system can call your chosen contacts or can be monitored our state of the art medical alarm monitoring facility. For more information please call 1800 336 333

ADD ONS (extra parts)

ADD Key Safe

Enter a code in the box, this will be programmed into the key safe. A key safe is a lock box for a spare key. Monitoring can give this information to 000 Emergency Services for damage free access.

SIM Card Options


Add-ons total:




SmartLink Medi-Call Dialler

Home Based Unit

The SmartLink Medi Guardian MKII, Medi-Call and Medi-Mate Diallers have won numerous awards over the years and is known as one of the most reliable and sort after home medical and emergency alarm systems. Designed and made in Australia, it has a reputation of being the best system available for nurse call and emergency medical calls with a central HUB.

This system is a fixed/ home based, medical or emergency dialler. Suitable for residential or commercial uses such as Home, Retirement Villages, Hospitals, Clinics and Disability Centres.

This kit comes with

1x Smart Link 4G Medi-Mate Dialler

1x Smart Link Pendant

1x Wrist Watch Pendant Holder

1x Necklace Pendant Holder

1x Free Programming

1x User Manual and Plug in Instructions.

Once this device is programmed our office, it only needs to be plugged into the wall or phone.



National Health Australia offers 24/7 medical monitoring through their ASIAL approved monitoring centre. For prices and set up please contact the office number below.

For more information on these products, parts and service please call 1800 336 333

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