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10x Face Mask 3 Ply Disposable (SKU-S10)

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3 Ply Face Masks, protective masks for general public, workers, health and safety or anyone needing protection. Perfect for general public and professional working class. When wearing these masks the user may limit their exposure to smoke, pollution, concrete/ saw dust, water/ virus particles and some vapors.

All masks including 3 Ply, Surgical Masks, KN95 and Fashion masks due to health and hygiene policies are not able to be exchanged or refunded. Large bulk discounts available on request.


LARGE ORDER NOTE – ORDERS OVER 10,000 MASKS Please call 1800 336 333. PayPal/ Credit Card will not allow orders over this size. We can process credit card over the phone or raise an invoice.


✓ In stock – High Stock Level. All orders despatched within 48 hours.


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Our Face Masks are designed for professional or personal use. 3 Ply, Surgical and KN95 masks are designed for to keep, your business or family safe from pollution, dust, most vapors and influenza. Designed to be worn on the face, the loops go around your head/ ears to hold the mask on. We highly recommend using KN95 for superior protection.

Who should use a KN95, 3 Ply, Fashion or Surgical Face Mask?

Disposable 3 ply, surgical face masks, KN95 or Fashion face masks, when worn correctly will help to minimise dust, water/ influenza particles from the air. Perfect for civilians, workers etc looking to reduce exposure to pollution as well as influenza may benefit from wearing a face mask. Face masks depending on the type are perfect for medical workers and general public on public transport. Please note, 3 ply masks are in packs of 20 or 50 so may not be suitable for some operations/ some medical use as these should be individually wrapped for sterile open surgery human operations.. We would recommend an N95 mask here.

Putting on and checking the mask

How to properly wear a 3 ply or surgical style face mask

It is important the following checks are completed when still in a safe environment or before entering an area of contamination. Always ensure your mask is free from tears or defects every time your mask is used. Ensure when fitting that the surgical mask is covering the nose and mouth.

Always follow manufactures instructions and ensure correct level of protection is chosen for the environment you are entering.

How to wear surgical mask

1. Remove any accessories on your head, including glasses, caps or head phones.
2. Place the mask over your mouth and nose.
3. Place the rubber strap or tie the cord around the back of your head of ears (depending on model). The masks should hold itself and should not fall off when you bend over.
4. Check you can breathe well. The mask can take a while to get used to, ensure you maintain a normal and steady breath pattern.

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